Claro is pleased to offer a high-quality wash press screw compactor for the effective washing, dewatering, compaction, transport & automatic hygienic bagging of screenings. Screenings are well-cleaned of organics, dry, diminished in disposal volume, & deposited into an optional hygienic bagger that automatically unfolds into a receiving bin. Robust & versatile construction. Fully-enclosed & odor-controlled.

Standard capacity sizes & configurations are available to meet a broad range of application scenarios. Thousands of installations. Screening press compactor also available without washing feature.

Fine Screen, Wash Press Compactor, Discharge Tube & Bagger

Wash Press, Discharge Tube & Bagger

Wash Press Compactor with 5.5 m (18ft) Discharge Tube
Design features & advantages
  • Effective washing with a very compact footprint.
  • Integrated heavy-duty thrust bearings & a high-torque drive unit to assure optimal dryness & compaction of screenings material.
  • Slow transportation of screenings for gentle, thorough washing without maceration.
  • Completely enclosed, odor-controlled hygienic operation.
  • Robust screw press compactor unit including double-body construction.
  • Tight tolerances between screw & trough delivers superior process performance.
  • Only one moving part: a special microalloy steel or stainless steel spiral.
  • Easy access for inspection/maintenance of wash & press zone: unit easily dismantles at both front & back end.
  • No maintenance-prone wedgewire & no wearable brushes to replace.
  • Long compaction tubes up to 6 m. (20 ft.) in length for transport of screenings – can eliminate conveyor.
  • Optional automatic hygienic bagger.
  • Complete systems for sole-supplier responsibility.

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