The Claro VortiScreen™ modular Combi Screening & Grit Removal headworks station is composed of a self-cleaning fine screen, wash press screw compactor c/w compaction tube, a vortex grit chamber / trap (or) aerated grit chamber tank system, and optional hygienic baggers for the discharged treated & dewatered screenings & grit. The VortiScreen™ vortex component can be fitted with an airlift or a grit pump. If implemented with an aerated grit tank, the system eliminates the need for a grit pump & grit classifier.

VortiScreen Fine Screening & Grit Removal Combi Station

VortiScreen Fine Screening & Grit Removal Station (Top View)
Design features & advantages
  • Exceptional fine screenings & fine grit capture.
  • All bolt-on stainless steel modular construction & heavy-duty stainless steel & micro alloy components.
  • Exceptionally small foot print & variety of configurations available:
    • elevated, stand-alone config.: all components of unit accessible from support platform c/w operator-safe walkways.
    • low-profile config.: all components of unit accessible & concrete-embedded vortex.
  • Alternative grit trap designs. Aerated, non-aerated, with or without grease trap, grit by-pass channel.
  • Optional integrated manual in-tank bar rack & rake.
  • Low maintenance, low operating cost, low energy consumption.
  • Fully automated & fully-enclosed hygienic operation.
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD) on vortex for performance optimization.
  • Small & large capacities.
  • Indoor & outdoor installation.
  • No submerged bearings.
  • Optional vortex air and/or water grit scouring system and/or hydrocyclone configurations.
  • Complete systems for sole-supplier responsibility.
  • Fully automated & fully-enclosed hygienic operation with easy-to-open access doors.
  • Intuitively-designed control panel design for ease of use and process optimization.
  • Please see Claro’s selection of fine & course screens, wash press compactors, vortex chamber, aerated grit tanks, and hygienic baggers.

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