Claro VortiClar forced vortex grit removal systems deliver high grit removal efficiencies across a wide range of daily flow capacities. An engineered hydraulic design removes fine grit & other debris particles, separates organic from inorganic material, & reduces grit accumulation in downstream basins, channels, weirs, & piping. The extraction of grit also significantly reduces wear on mechanical equipment.

The unit is composed of a centrifugal flow chamber; weir baffles; an energy-efficient axial flow impeller with a single, dual speed, or VFD motor; a quiescent sediment collection chamber & a choice of grit extraction approaches: airlift or high quality grit pump. Ideal for small footprint project requirements.

Forced Vortex Grit Trap System including Grit Pump & Grit Classifier

VoriClar™ Forced Vortex
Design features & advantages
  • Efficient organics/inorganics separation & fine grit capture.
  • Exceptionally small footprint & variety of configurations available:
    • elevated, stand-alone config.: stainless steel tank with all components of unit accessible from support platform c/w optional operator-safe walkways.
    • low-profile config.: all components of unit accessible & concrete-embedded vortex.
  • Low maintenance, low operating cost, low energy consumption.
  • Fully automated & fully-enclosed hygienic operation.
  • Optional variable frequency drive (VFD) on vortex for performance optimization.
  • Small & large capacities.
  • Indoor & outdoor installation.
  • No submerged bearings.
  • Optional vortex air grit scouring system.
  • For cost-effective retrofits/conversion of aerated grit tanks please see Aerated Grit Tank Extraction Spirals/Screws.

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