Claro provides complete heat & energy recovery systems for municipal, industrial, & agricultural applications. We can recover up to 85% of outgoing heat energy from process tanks such as anaerobic digesters with Claro modular tube-in-shell or large gap heat exchangers. Energy cost-savings are immediate & translate into very quick pay-back periods.

In anaerobic digester heat recovery, Claro sludge heat exchangers can also save biogas that would otherwise be used to heat the digester process tank and make it available for other uses such as:

  • Heating facility buildings.
  • Co-generation of electricity with steam turbines, microturbines, or hydrogen fuel cells.
  • Drying sludge with biogas-fired sludge dryers.
  • Biogas liquification for use as fuel in vehicles, municipal transit, or other uses.
  • Providing energy to adjacent industry.
  • Reintroduction of scrubbed biogas to the gas distribution grid.

Our engineers have developed & implemented heat exchanger technologies for over 35 years. Based on proprietary ModuTube™ modular tube-in-shell or large gap heat exchangers, Claro systems are efficient, reliable, non-clog, small- & flexible-footprint, & cost-effective.

Large Gap Channel Heat Exchangers

ModuTube™ Heat Recovery Exchanger – Ash Slurry

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