Claro specializes in the design & supply of complete, turn-key shaftless spiral conveyor systems for a wide variety of materials & application contexts. Our engineers have played a major role in the evolution of shaftless spiral technology & have implemented reliable, innovative, & cost-effective solutions for 30+ years.

Claro approaches the design of conveyor systems as an engineered form of process equipment—e.g. innovative conveyor layouts; correct selection of spiral configuration, flight pitch, & weight; optimal conveyor sizing & rpm; correct interconnection & proprietary slide gate design; & other features proven by experience. Systems designed by our engineers have a track record of exceptional process performance, odor-free & low-maintenance operation, & long operational life.

Applications have focused on municipal wastewater treatment & waste but also include many industrial solids handling project requirements from pulp-&-paper to food processing. Our technical staff have applied the same care to small projects as to some of the largest conveyor installations in North America. We welcome especially challenging material handling applications.

Why Choose Claro Shaftless Spiral Conveyors?

Although Claro can supply both shaftless & shafted screw conveyor systems, our designs possess a range of advantages that frequently make shaftless technology the best choice over other available approaches for a range of solids handling projects.

Automated Dewatered Sludge Outloading System

Shaftless Spiral Vertical Conveyor

Shaftless Spiral Wastewater Screening Conveyor

Aerated Grit Tank Extraction Spiral System with Inclined Extraction Conveyor)

Aerated Grit Tank Extraction Spiral System

Sludge Lime-Stabilization/Sterilization System
Design features & advantages
  • Higher fill rates (no central shaft to take up space) means smaller, more cost-effective, & lower Hp systems.
  • Material does not get stuck or wrapped around a central shaft as in shafted systems i.e. effectively handles wet, slushy, stringy, dry, sticky, abrasive, corrosive, plug-forming, bridging, volatile, odorous, powdery, inconsistently sized, and/or hygienic materials without plugging, bridging, or scaling.
  • No intermediate or end-bearings = higher trough fill rates & positive direct-feed connections that eliminate plugging & material hang-up, especially in difficult applications. Also, no maintenance or lubrication of bearings.
  • Compact, versatile conveyor-train arrangements available in vertical, inclined, & horizontal configurations with pushing or pulling drives.
  • Lidded, dust- & odor-free, hygienic systems unlike belt conveyors.
  • Deformation- & abrasion-resistant special micro-alloy or stainless steel shaftless spirals/screws that are much more resilient than the welded flights of shafted conveyor systems.
  • Can be designed to meter-out, dewater, compact, extract & separate, cut, shred, pulverize, cool or heat, blend, coat, lift, out-load, & transport a wide variety of materials including sludge, grit, & screenings.
  • Large selection of long-lasting replacement spirals & liners including complex double, triple & quadruple profile shiftless spirals/screws – main, insert, backing, & edging spiral elements designed to suit project requirements.
  • Specializations include: municipal sewage screenings & grit handling; dewatered sludge handling; fully-automated material outloading; lime-stabilized sludge handling; submersible aerated grit tank extraction spirals—new & retrofit of clam-&-shell and traveling bridge systems; inclined & vertical conveyors; pulp & paper and food processing applications; recycling facilities; & especially challenging material handling applications.
  • Complete systems for sole-supplier responsibility.

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