Claro is pleased to offer septage receiving stations with optional integrated wash press screw compactor, fully-automatic or manual rock trap system, hygienic bagger, & hauler access metering/billing systems configured to suit a wide range of application requirements. Based on proven fine step screening technology, this custom-sized septic sludge receiving unit delivers exceptional screening capabilities, long-term reliability, and an ultra-hygienic & odor-free working environment. Exceptionally effective on high DS & high grease applications. An excellent solution for wet wipes, high grease & high solids content influents including Fats, Oils, & Grease (FOG) stations. Also effective for portable toilet and national park septage applications that contain trash & large debris. Proven installation & maintenance-longevity history.

Sludge screening & process liquid screening stations that handle higher debris loads &/or recover reject materials for reuse also available.

1 Septage Receiving Station, Wash Press Compactor, Hauler Access Station & Controls

1 Septage Receiving Station, Wash Press Compactor & Controls

1 Septage Station & Controls (Wash Press to be added in 2nd phase)

1 Step Screen-in-Tank, Wash Press Compactor & Controls
Design features & advantages
  • Quick screening/septage hauler discharge time & fully automatic operation; custom capacity sizing.
  • Fully-enclosed, odor-controlled, ultra-hygienic operation.
  • Effective on high grease and DS septage & other influents that defeat systems that incorporate pulling conveyors and/or brushes (i.e. spiral conveyor screens & rotating rake-type systems).
  • Optional features: septage hauler access stations including metering, pH probe, hydrocarbon sensor, conductivity sensor, card reader, printer, & easy-to-use billing software system for monitoring septage hauler activity & managing billing information.
  • Heavy-duty fine step screen & optional wash press screw compactor.
  • Exceptional screening, washing of organics, dewatering, & compaction.
  • Optional fully automated rock trap feature that hygienically removes rocks & large trash debris without operator or hauler intervention – eliminates manual rock traps and their liability risks.
  • Septage screen aperture 6mm (1/4”), 3mm (1/8”) and finer; other screening applications down to 0.5 mm aperture (0.039”).
  • Range of custom sizings & configuration options to suit a wide range of capacity, footprint & application requirements.
  • Modular, bolted, all-stainless-steel construction.
  • Screen pivots easily out of tank for inspection/maintenance in minutes to convenient work bench level without closed-space entry into channel or tank; no disassembly required.
  • Indoor or outdoor installation with cold weather protection or FRP enclosure available.
  • Wastewater treatment plant headworks, pre-digester septage screening, airport septage receiving, sludge screening, & expansion of existing screening facility capacity & other industrial applications.
  • Increase capacity of existing channel(s) with screen-in-dedicated-tank unit adjacent to existing installation without modification of channel(s).
  • Retrofit & new applications.
  • Complete systems including intuitively-designed controls for sole-supplier responsibility.
  • Please see Fine Step Screens, Wash Press Screw Compactor, & Bagger for more information.

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