Claro offers proven screenings, grit, & sludge transport, treatment, & outloading systems. Our complete systems adhere to the following principles:

  • Offer only state-of-the art technologies & designs that offer the best process system performance for the protection of downstream equipment & the reduction of waste volumes & associated disposal costs.
  • Extend equipment life & reduce energy consumption & costs with intelligent systems that operate only when required—no wasteful continuous operation.
  • Design & supply nearly maintenance-free, exceptionally reliable, & fully-automated systems.
  • Deliver safe, quiet, & hygienic environments for plant operators.

Long Shaftless Spiral Wastewater Screenings Conveyor

2 Automated Dewatered Sludge Outloading Systems

Dewatered Sludge Transport Conveyors

Shaftless Spiral Grit Extraction Conveyor Discharge

Our systems include the following technologies:

Complete Screenings Removal & Treatment
  • Fine step screens, different types of perforated plate & band screens, different types of drum screens, multiple rake & other types of coarse & fine screens.
  • Septage receiving stations & raw sludge screening.
  • Wash press screenings washer & compactor.
  • Screenings conveyors.
  • VortiScreen™ combined screenings & grit removal station.
  • Solids & material outloading systems.
Grit Extraction / Removal & Treatment
  • Shaftless spiral grit classifiers (including optional cyclones)
  • In-line grit extraction spirals/screws.
  • Sand/grit washers.
  • Grit conveyors.
  • Aerated grit tank extraction spirals/screws.
  • Forced vortex chambers/grit traps.
  • VortiScreen™ combined screenings & grit removal station (modular design).
  • Solids & material outloading systems.
  • Septage stations & raw sludge screening c/w grit extraction option.
Sludge Transport & Treatment
  • Shaftless spiral conveyor & outloading systems.
  • Lime-Stabilized Sludge Treatment Systems.
  • Conveyor system that can be designed to meter-out, dewater, compact, extract & separate, cut, shred, pulverize, cool or heat, blend, coat, lift, out-load, & transport a wide variety of materials.

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