Project 1: Four (4) fine step screens, shaftless spiral conveyor, wash press system & controls protecting a municipal wastewater Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MMBR) system.

4 Fine Step Screens, Conveyor & Wash Press Protecting MBBR

Wash Press & Discharge/Compaction Tube & Hygienic Bagger

Project 2: One (1) fine step screen-in-tank, wash press & controls protecting a municipal wastewater membrane bioreactor (MBR) system.

Step Screen-in-Tank & Wash Press Protecting an MBR

Project 3: Two (2) fine step screens, conveyor & wash press with extended discharge & compaction tube retrofitted into a tight existing space. Wash press discharge tube delivers washed, dewatered & compacted screenings to a drop chute and bagger upstream of influent distribution channel. Note: Photos from start-up day.

2 Step Screens, Conveyor & Wash Press with Extended Discharge Tube to Drop Chute

Extended Wash Press Extended Discharge Tube to Drop Chute Ahead of Channels

Extended Wash Press Extended Discharge Tube Enabling Tight Retrofit Application

Project 4: Claro supplied a VortiScreen™ combination screening & grit removal station that enabled the elimination of a concrete second floor influent works channel structure. The screening & grit removal station matched envisioned floor levels and access points. This cost-saving approach enabled the project to move ahead within budget and provides a reliable, low-runtime, odour-controlled and excellent process performance system. This project implemented an aerated grit tank with integrated grit dewatering & grit classification conveyor, which eliminated the grit classifier unit. The combination station is also available with forced vortex grit trap units.

Fine Screening & Grit Removal Station (Aerated Grit Tank Config.)

Project 5: Claro fit a screening dewatering press into a congested basement screening room where existing equipment required that operators manually drag heavy & wet screenings material up a staircase for disposal. The Claro screenings press was the only unit to fit seamlessly into the reduced footprint and be able to deliver screenings to the grade-level room for bagging and ease of disposal. Control panel integrated with the existing control system for a fully automated system that saves operators needless work that risked daily injury. Dry & compacted, the bagged screenings are acceptable for solid waste haulage.

Integration of Small Footprint Screenings Press with Extended Discharge Tube

Screenings Delivered by Screening Press on Level Below – No More Manual Carrying of Screenings by Operators

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