Claro is pleased to offer the Center Screen perforated band fine screen designed for water & wastewater screening applications that require an exceptionally accurate and high level of debris capture with no possibility of screenings carry-over. The Center Screen is ideally suited for the protection of sensitive process equipment such as MBR membrane technologies and floating & fixed media. It has been applied in water & wastewater applications and can be fitted with stainless steel perforated panels or a mesh filter band. The unit has significantly more filter media cross-sectional screening area than perpendicular-to-channel perforated-plate designs and yields higher flow-through capacity, lower headlosses, thicker ‘screenings filter matting’, and lower runtimes for better separation, longer equipment components life & less energy use.

Perforated Plate Band Center Screen

Perforated Plate Band Screen & Wash Press Compactor

Perforated Plate Band Center Screen
Design features & advantages
  • Perforated plate perforation size: 1 mm dia. & larger in either stainless steel or mesh filter band as required by the wastewater or water application.
  • Screenings carry-over is prevented by a perforated filter belt that has a separate screenings and clean-water side. Influent is screened as it passes through the inlet side of the filter and enters into a clean water zone that is isolated from the unscreened flow.
  • Gentle separation & handling of screenings material yields very fine separation.
  • Optional integrated screenings wash press screw compactor washes organics off of captured grit and screenings debris for a dry, clean product.
  • Alternative approaches to filter band cleaning reduce wash water consumption.
  • Reject water from the integrated screenings wash press screw compactor is redirected back through the perforated band screen for additional fine filtration.
  • Screenings discharge system integrates a short shaftless spiral conveyor that positively discharges captured material – no high water-consumption & unreliable sluices.
  • All stainless steel construction including low-friction roller chains & sprockets. Option for special low-friction plastic rollers as preferred.
  • Available for installation in a channel or in a free-standing stainless steel tank.
  • Ideal for municipal & industrial applications & the protection of sensitive process equipment.
  • Fully-enclosed, odor-controlled, ultra-hygienic operation – well-designed, leak-proof doors & panels.
  • Complete systems including intuitively-designed controls for sole-supplier responsibility.
  • Retrofit & new applications.
  • Please see Wash Press Screw Compactor, Conveyors, Bagger & other screen technology options for more information.

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