Claro paddle mixers / pug mill agitators are an effective severe-duty mixer for lime-stabilized sludge applications in wastewater treatment plants and for the mixing & agglomeration of a wide variety of other industrial, agricultural, & hygienic food materials. Mixing intensity, retention time, & product appearance is controlled by changing agitator speed and/or paddle design.

Long equipment life & low-maintenance operation are a standard feature of our engineered designs. A low-profile & compact footprint enables installation in low headroom areas.

Paddle Mixer Unit
Design features & advantages
  • Effectively handles corrosive, abrasive, & various viscosity slurries; lime & wastewater sludge; thick pastes; dry, free-flowing powders; & material chips including: wood chips; corn gluten & steep water; filter cake & dried recycled fiber; molasses/fat & animal feeds, & hygienic human food products.
  • Robust construction & compact footprint.
  • Supplied c/w drive units & fitted with an inlet, a connection for ventilation, & inspection hatches to suit application requirements.
  • Mixer’s inner blending chamber is entirely enclosed for hygienic operation.
  • Available in 5 standard sizes with capacities ranging from 1 – 20 m3/h.
  • Plug-&-play control panel systems delivering full automation, system performance monitoring, & safety assurance and reflecting a design philosophy that insists on reliability, clear & intuitive interfaces, & seamless integration with existing facility systems including Scada or other network standards.
  • Complete systems for sole-supplier responsibility.
  • Please see Lime-Stabilized Sludge Systems for complete lime sludge treatment designs that can include: special live-bottom hoppers, cutting & lime coating screws, pug mill, & automatic outloading system.

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