Claro is pleased to offer the MultiRake MRS, an automatic, self-cleaning mechanical bar screen designed to remove screenings debris in a variety of applications including municipal wastewater headworks, pump stations, potable water intakes & other contexts. Proven installation/reliability history.

Multiple Rake Screen

Multiple Rake Screen – Pump Station
Design features & advantages
  • Rake design & custom rake frequency enable fast cleaning cycle time & large debris conveyance capability.
  • Curved bars at the base of the bar screen enable higher capacity and optimal heavier material removal.
  • All-stainless steel heavy-duty construction, roller chain & sprockets.
  • Square or teardrop bar rack & apertures to match application requirements.
  • Enclosed for hygienic operation including odor-control venting.
  • Provided with well-conceived access doors designed with operator viewing access, ergonomics & safety in mind.
  • Screen can be equipped with a system that enables pivot out of channel.
  • In-channel and in-tank configurations available.
  • Retrofit & new applications.
  • Modular design for easy installation – installation without channel recesses.

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