Claro designs & manufactures live-bottom hoppers & material silos that store, doze, transport, and/or precisely meter-out a wide variety of sludges & other materials—all without operator assistance. Equipped with well-designed counter-rotating shaftless spiral screws at their base, Claro hopper & silo systems avoid arching or bridging even with difficult-to-handle materials.

Our designs are modular for easy capacity expansion; can be equipped with precise fill level, volume, & weighing systems; and incorporate operator safety features. Concrete, steel, low-profile, & raised-hopper/silo configurations available. Fully enclosed and odor-controlled systems available.

Backed by over 30 years of applications experience, long equipment life & low-maintenance operation are a standard feature of our engineered shaftless spiral conveyor designs. For a profile of Claro shaftless spiral conveyor design experience & design philosophy, please see Claro conveyors.

Shaftless Spiral Conveyor Live-Bottom Silo
Design features & advantages
  • Fully-automated material storage, dozing, transport, & metering hoppers/silos.
  • Engineered to prevent bridging & to deliver accurate outloading volumes for a variety of materials including: municipal & industrial sludges, reject materials, woodchips & other organics for biofuel plants, & solids that are wet, slushy, stringy, dry, sticky, abrasive, corrosive, plug-forming, volatile, odorous, powdery, inconsistently sized, and/or hygienic.
  • Precise fill level, volume, & weighing control systems.
  • High capacity outloading at low rpm.
  • Easy access to all mechanical parts & shaftless spirals/screws.
  • Steel & concrete hopper/silo configurations.
  • Low-profile, ground-level or raised silo designs with optional platforms, ladders and/or walkways.
  • Facility operator-safe designs.
  • Modular design for easy capacity increase.
  • Plug-&-play control panel systems delivering full automation, system performance monitoring, & safety assurance and reflecting a design philosophy that insists on reliability, clear & intuitive interfaces, & seamless integration with existing facility systems including Scada or other network standards.
  • Complete systems for sole-supplier responsibility.

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