Project 1: Claro implemented a ModuTube™ heat exchanger mounted on an available wall that enabled the existing heat exchanger to run while the new unit was installed. The digester continued to be heated during installation. The new modular Claro heat exchanger unit was installed into the difficult-to-access utility basement without the destruction of any infrastructure or on-site welding assembly. Once the existing unit was removed, the heat exchanger basement also gained a significant footprint for other purposes.

Wall-Mounted ModuTube™ Tube-Shell Sludge Heat Exchanger

Project 2: Claro implemented a 60 ft. long ModuTube™ subterranean heat exchanger that recovered heat from 5 food processing streams. The recovered heat is reintroduced into the boiler loop in order to reduce other fuel consumption & associated costs. The only footprint available was a 60 ft. long below-grade process piping trench. Claro matched the footprint and the heat recovery requirements while providing for full inspection access of the heat exchanger unit. Note: An effective format photo is not available for this installation.

Project 3: Claro designed a ModuTube™ heat exchanger with a minimal number of long-radius return bends and optimal velocities in order to recover heat from an exceptionally abrasive incinerator slurry. The unit was brought into the incinerator sub-basement in 2 pre-assembled sections for quick & easy installation.

ModuTube™ Heat Recovery Heat Exchanger – Incinerator Ash Slurry-to-Boiler Loop

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