Claro is pleased to offer a high-quality grit washer that washes & dewaters sediment extracted from various types of grit collection equipment including sewage treatment plant aerated grit chambers & forced vortex sand trap units. Used also for recovery of treatment process sands.

Vibration & water jets thoroughly wash organics off of the collected grit & sand. Resultant grit meets the highest material reuse standards. After cleaning by the grit washer, the grit material is transported by a special abrasion-resistant micro alloy shaftless grit spiral to a container or downstream handling equipment. The separated organic matter & wastewater is reintroduced into the plant flow stream. Dry solids content of washed sand/grit reaches up to >90% DS. Effective grit washing, totally enclosed operation, & optional hygienic bagger delivers additional odor control & hygienic operation.

Grit/Sand Washer

Grit/Sand Washer
Design features & advantages
  • Thoroughly washed & dewatered grit product—dry solids content of up to >90% DS.
  • Effective odor-controlled operation.
  • All-stainless steel construction; grit extraction spiral in special abrasion-resistant steel.
  • Inlet flow of up to 50 litres/13.2 gallons per second.
  • Agitation approaches selected to match application & client preferences: vibration, mixing, air/water injection.
  • Sand level instrumentation selected to match application & client preferences: pressure sensor, load cell, ultrasonic or radar.
  • Ergonomic, enclosed & fully automated design with well-positioned inspection hatches.
  • Dry sand feed format also available.
  • Complete systems for sole-supplier responsibility.

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