Project 1: Claro retrofitted two (2) x 125 ft long aerated grit tanks that had perennial issues with maintenance and shutdown. Several technology approaches had been implemented before the Claro system. With the implementation of three (3) shaftless spiral conveyors and special wall-penetrations that included a special seal that enables operator to work on packing without tank drainage, the system has been operating seamlessly since start-up. One of the drive station wall penetrations necessitated the design of a special extended 13ft-long stainless steel shaft & polymeric bearing that was installed beneath the grit tanks’ influent distribution channel. The retrofit enabled the wastewater treatment plant to enclose the tanks with removable covers and odour-control the 2 grit systems.

Retrofitted Aerated Grit Tank with Covers and Odour-Control System

Retrofitted Aerated Grit Tank Classification Conveyor Discharge

Aerated Grit Tank During Construction Phase – 125 ft Long Tank

Project 2: In conjunction with Claro fine screens upstream, Claro implemented a fully automated VortiClar™ grit vortex system including grit pump, grit classifier & hygienic bagger. The system produces clean & dry grit product and protects the facility’s aerated lagoon and subsequent channels & UV system. The entire system provides for excellent process performance, low runtimes & a hygienic operator environment.

VortiClar™ Forced Vortex Grit Trap, Grit Pump & Classifier

Shaftless Spiral Grit Classifier & Hygienic Bagger

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