Claro grit classifiers effectively separate, settle, & wash grit contained in wastewater flows. The trapezoidal sedimentation tank, internal baffle arrangement, & low RPM of the special alloy shaftless spiral minimizes turbulence for optimal fine particle sedimentation & extraction. Odor-control is achieved by scrubbing the grit of organics and by the installation of a totally enclosed hygienic bagger. The unit is enclosed & can be equipped with an optional odor-control venting connection. The overflow weir, where treated liquid is returned to the plant, is also easily accessible & equipped with a hinged inspection cover.

Mounted above the fluid & submerged spiral, the drive unit has very low power requirements. Also, no maintenance-prone end bearings or other seals/elements under water or within the tank. Low spiral RPM, special alloy shaftless spiral (Brinell 220 min.), & low friction trough liners deliver extended, maintenance-free operation. Special liners & quick-release clips make liner replacement a snap.

Hydrocyclones: Integrated single & double hydrocyclones in a broad range of sizes & configurations are also available. Hydrocyclone units range from 3 – 24 inches (80 – 600 mm) in diameter and are supplied in a variety of housings, liners, & component materials to suit application requirements.

In-Line Grit Screws: In-line grit & scum extraction conveyor systems that share many of the advantages of Claro’s classifier design also available.

Shaftless Spiral Grit Classifier with Hygienic Bagger

Shaftless Spiral Grit Classifier with Hygienic Bagger

Shaftless Spiral Grit Classifier with Hydrocyclone

Shaftless Spiral Grit Classifier with Discharge in Adjacent Room
Design features & advantages
  • High performance design for better protection of downstream equipment from grit abrasion & sedimentation
  • Broad range of flow capacities.
  • Heavy duty construction in stainless steel, special steel, or acid-resistant steel.
  • Special abrasion-resistant micro alloy steel shaftless spiral.
  • No maintenance-prone end-bearings or seals/other elements under water or within the tank.
  • Low installation & maintenance costs.
  • Special low-friction grit collection trough liners with quick-release hold-down clips.
  • Totally enclosed design, organics scrubbing, & hygienic bagger for effective odor control.
  • Easily-accessible weir c/w hinged inspection cover.
  • Units with additional interior baffles and/or a special automated decantation function also available for even better efficiency.
  • More effective sedimentation, drier product & less maintenance than shafted screw units.
  • Complete systems for sole-supplier responsibility.

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