Claro twin-shafted grinders can effectively shred wet and/or dry materials such as municipal screenings, sludge & other waste in closed pipe or open channel applications. Counter rotating cutter blades ensure that all encountered material is thoroughly processed. Shaft seals, hardened steel cutter blades & large diameter shafts are built to last in extreme duty grinding applications.

Channel Grinder
Design features & advantages
  • Robust stainless steel construction including grinder body.
  • Designed for both wet and/or dry applications.
  • Flanged pipe-mounted, open-channel & chute applications.
  • Can be integrated into compactors & screening systems to increase process efficiency.
  • High material capacity.
  • Easily accessible/changeable drive unit, shaft extension, submersible/hydraulic motor & modular hardened steel cutter blades.
  • Well-designed & easy-to-use controls packages ensure automated control & can provide operational statistics reporting to Scada.

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