Claro is pleased to offer a high quality 3rd-generation fine step screen that delivers exceptional screenings debris separation, long-term reliability, and an ultra-hygienic & odor-free working environment. Removes hair, rags, wet wipes and other debris to protect downstream equipment & processes without the possibility of screenings carry-over.

A preferred separation technology in water & wastewater screening applications, the step screen’s superior design is backed by over 35 years of practical design & installation experience. Thousands of installations worldwide.

4 Step Screens, Conveyor, Wash Press Compactor & Controls

2 Step Screens, Common Wash Press Compactor & Controls

1 Step Screen, Wash Press Compactor & Controls

2 Step Screens, Conveyor, Wash Press Compactor & Controls

1 Step Screen, Wash Press Compactor, Controls & FRP Enclosure
Design features & advantages
  • Water & wastewater screening, septage receiving stations, & raw sludge screening applications
    Protects pumps, digester tanks, & other equipment from hair & other debris build-up. An excellent solution for baby-wipes, high grease & high solids content influents including Fats, Oils, & Grease (FOG) stations.
  • Bar space opening/aperture: 0.5 to 6 mm (0.039” to 1/4”); discharge height up to 7 meters (23 ft.). Achieves separation equivalent to significantly finer screens due to the use of an accumulated ‘screenings filter mat’ on the filter media screen.
  • For installation in channel or in dedicated stainless steel tank – retrofit & new applications.
  • Low headloss/high flow-through capacities/no possibility of screenings downstream carry-over.
  • Durable, self-lubricating linkage drive system with no greasing points, maintenance-prone chain drives, sprockets, tensioners or belts; also no bottom bearing exposed to unscreened flow and grit deposition.
  • Exceptionally low maintenance or spare parts requirements – we sell almost no spare parts.
  • Equipment life especially long due to low wear-&-tear control approach—screen only operates mechanically when necessary (not continuously) for between approx. 10 – 30 minutes per 24 hour cycle. All stainless steel construction.
  • No service water use – screen self-cleans without wash water.
  • Self-cleaning, low-friction, anti-distortion design bar screen (no wearable brushes & no scrapers).
  • Fully-enclosed, odor-controlled, ultra-hygienic operation.
  • Proven anti-overflow control even with large debris influx (e.g. spring leaves etc.).
  • Modular, bolted, all-stainless-steel construction.
  • Unique step design ensures effective screenings transfer.
  • Proven-design discharge with no plastic end spacers for durability and a clean release of material without wrapping.
  • Screen pivots out of channel or tank in minutes for inspection—without disassembly or movement of receiving wash press compactor or conveyor; screen pivots to convenient work bench level without closed space entry into channel or tank.
  • Patented bottom deflector-plate ensures constant screening aperture throughout the entire operating cycle & eliminates plastic end-shoes/spacers.
  • Very low equipment height profile—ideal for constricted headroom applications.
  • Increase capacity of existing channels with screen-in-tank unit adjacent to existing installation without modification of channel.
  • Municipal wastewater & water headworks, industrial wastewater, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, food processing, & many more industrial applications including reject material recovery.
  • Retrofit & new applications.
  • Complete systems including intuitively-designed controls & grit removal systems for sole-supplier influent works application responsibility.

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