The Claro Drum Screen is a simple & robust screen well-suited for a variety of pumped municipal wastewater, potable water & industrial applications. Influent or process water is filtered from the inside of a moderately inclined filter media drum with an absolute separation between the clean & soiled filtration side. Interior flights convey the separated solids via the drum’s rotation to an integrated transport conveyor and/or wash press.

Drum Screen
Design features & advantages
  • A separate dirty/clean side eliminates ”carry over”.
  • Perforation sizes from 0,01 – 10mm.
  • Capacity 10-200 l/sec. (160 gpm – 52.8 gpm).
  • Can be used for one-stage pre-treatment before membrane filtration.
  • Easily changeable & different filter media types available: filter/screen/slot panels.
  • Integrated screenings conveyor or wash press & optional shredder.
  • Alternative solutions for drum cleaning reduces water consumption.
  • Enclosed, safe & hygienic with easy-to-open ergonomic access doors.

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