Project 1: Claro engineers have designed and implemented dozens of small & large conveying systems for dewatered sludge, dried sludge, municipal screenings, municipal grit, food processing, pulp & paper, biomass facilities & other applications. Each application’s requirements are unique.

Claro provided a fully-automated sludge outloading conveyor system that accepts dewatered sludge from 2 screw presses. The supply included four shaftless spiral conveyors including a fully automated outloading conveyor with pneumatic slide gates equipped with level sensors and a bolt-together supporting overhead structure. The Claro layout followed the outline of the sludge dewatering & outloading facility rooms in order to maximize open space and included the implementation of an additional outlet on a cross conveyor that enabled the facility to fill a second bin for additional storage capacity. The system is thus enabled to run unattended 24/7, at maximum capacity, & with back-up sludge storage.

Automated Shaftless Spiral Conveyor Dewatered Sludge Outloading System including Modular Support Structure

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