Claro designs & manufactures three heat exchangers that heat, cool, & recover energy by means of water-to-sludge or sludge-to-sludge energy transfer. Claro heat exchangers are designed for:

  • Optimal heat transfer efficiencies for heating, cooling & thermal energy recovery
  • Small, flexible, or even near-zero footprint arrangements.
  • To accommodate poorly screened process liquids without plugging.
  • Quick & direct access to heat exchanger internals.

2 ModuTube™ Sludge Heat Exchangers

ModuTube™ Sludge Heat Exchanger – Wall-Mounted

Large Gap Channel Heat Exchangers

Let us suggest which technology best meets your application requirements. Our lead designers have 35+ years experience in the innovative design & application of heat exchanger technologies.

Claro ModuTube™ Modular Tube-in-Shell Heat Exchangers
  • Selected features: modular construction; easy to install—even in difficult-to-access areas (ideal for retrofit applications); small & flexible footprints (ideal for reducing new facility infrastructure costs); simple capacity expansion, non-clog design, fully-accessible internals and more.

For more information, please see Claro ModuTube™ Modular Tube-in-Shell Heat Exchangers.

Claro Large Gap Heat Exchangers
  • Selected features: easy to install; very compact & flexible footprints; non-clog design, fully-accessible internals, & more.

For more information, please see Claro Large Gap Heat Exchangers.

Claro Big Bubble™ mixer with Heating/Cooling Jackets
  • Selected features: Equipped with heat exchanger jackets, Claro Big Bubble™ Mixers integrate heating or cooling into the process tank enabling the elimination of external heat exchangers, associated sludge pumps, & piping. Mixing & heating integrated into a single, high-efficiency system.

For more information, please see Claro Big Bubble™ Mixers.

Claro Heat & Energy Recovery Systems
  • Claro provides complete heat & energy recovery systems for municipal, industrial, & agricultural applications. We can recover up to 85% of outgoing heat energy from process tanks such as anaerobic digesters, incinerators and other sources with Claro modular tube-in-shell or large gap heat exchangers. Energy cost-savings are immediate & translate into very quick pay-back periods.

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