Claro has extensive experience in the design & implementation of screening & grit removal systems. We have implemented a wide range of systems that respond to application & client requirements and reflect our company mission: excellent process performance, low operation & maintenance requirements, fully-automated operation, hygienic operation, ergonomic & safe design, & low energy use. We have extensive references and an exceptional history of providing highly successful systems that run for years without spare parts.

We recognize that the performance of our equipment will determine the daily experience of operators for the length of a career &, given the longevity of our systems, likely significantly longer. Our designs therefore are informed by a profound ethical commitment that assumes a long-term supporting technical relationship.

We provide coarse and/or fine screening options for pump stations, wastewater & potable water treatment plants and a variety of industrial applications including food processing, pulp-&-paper, and other residual materials recovery. Grit removal system offerings span both municipal & industrial applications.

4 Step Screens, Conveyor, Wash Press Compactor & Controls

Septage Station, Wash Press Compactor, Hygienic Bagger & Controls

Force Vortex Grit Trap, Self-Priming Grit Pump & Classifier

Grit Classifier & Hygienic Bagger

VortiScreen Screening & Grit Removal Station

Equipment offerings include the following general categories of equipment & application. We welcome your inquiries and are keen to develop custom solutions for your applications.

  • Ultrafine screens
  • Fine screens
  • Coarse screens
  • Septage screens with automated rock traps & hauler access & billing systems
  • Screens in pre-manufactured & custom stainless steel tanks
  • Combination screening & grit removal units
  • Manual bar racks
  • Retrofit & new applications
  • In-door & outdoor applications with custom FRP enclosures
  • Aerated grit tanks
  • Vortex sand traps
  • Grit classifiers
  • Grit/sand washers
  • Grinders, parshall flumes & other auxiliary equipment as required/preferred
  • CSA & UL plug-&-play controls with elegant and intuitive graphic interfaces for complete manual & automatic control of our systems and for exceptional ease of operator use

We welcome your enquiries. For more information, please contact us at