Claro Big Bubble™ mixer systems are a proven patented anaerobic digester mixing technology that significantly reduces sludge disposal volumes & disposal costs, provides greater volatile solids destruction & overall biogas production, reduces sludge dewatering costs & presents very few oversight or maintenance requirements. This superior process performance is delivered at exceptionally low energy input.

Claro engineers have 35 years experience in the design & implementation of over 300 large & small metropolitan digester applications across Canada, the United States & abroad. We are the original designer & exclusive manufacturer of Big Bubble™ piston-bubble gas mixing systems.

Introducing a large piston-bubble at fixed intervals into the lower end of the mixing unit’s submerged draft tube, Claro Big Bubble™ mixers deliver up to 95% active tank volume & reduce digester tank maintenance by scouring the tank floor, continually de-stratifying tank contents, suspending heavier solids, & breaking floating scum.

The Claro Big Bubble™ bubble generator design—proven in major digester applications—has large internal clearances that resist clogging even in poorly screened tanks & is equipped with an added fail-safe feature: the mixer can be completely flushed out from outside the tank & without tank drainage. The system has no moving parts within the tank. Instead, it uses a quiet, low-maintenance, & all-316L-stainless-steel liquid ring biogas recirculation compressor.

Equipped with heat exchanger jackets, Claro Big Bubble™ Mixers can also integrate heating into the digester tank enabling the elimination of external heat exchangers, associated sludge pumps, & piping.

Please see details on our Gas Mixer Retrofit Program for the cost-effective & quick modernization of your existing gas or mechanical draft tube mixing system.

Two-phase/dual-stage, mesophilic, & thermophic anaerobic digestion systems available. Please see Claro Heat Exchangers & Heat Recovery.

Big Bubble Mixers in 33.5 m (110 ft) Dia. Digester Tank (During Installation)

Big Bubble Mixers in 33.5 m (110 ft)_ Dia. Digester Tank (During Installation)

Big Bubble Mixers in 33.5 m (110 ft)_ Dia. Digester Tank (During Installation)

Big Bubble Mixer with Integrated Heat Exchanger Jacket
Design features & advantages
  • Up to 95% active volume & even temperature distribution within +/- 1 deg. F.
  • Best biosolid destruction = lower disposal costs, more biogas production, & lower energy costs.
  • Quickest turnover rate = shortest retention times, increased capacities.
  • No moving parts inside tank.
  • Non-clog bubble generator design.
  • Unique fail-safe flushing system.
  • Corrosion-resistant gas mixers & piping.
  • Outperforms all other mechanical & gas mixers.
  • More than double the mixing rate of mechanical mixers for the same power input.
  • Up to 50% less energy input than conventional systems.
  • Powerful digester tank floor scouring = minimizes sedimentation & tank clean-out maintenance & costs.
  • Direct-mount tripod supports = no mixing dead zones.
  • Complete destruction of floating tank scum including foam & scum removal design approaches.
  • Heat exchanger jackets for internal tank heating available.
  • Cost-effective & fast (equipment delivery has been within 3 weeks) retrofits of Cannon-type mixing systems.
  • Effective even in very deep, large diameter & hostile environment tanks.
  • Adaptable to most tank configurations including egg & modified egg shape.
  • Direct-to-floor support system for augmented floor-scouring and heavier debris re-suspension (no concrete pedestals required).

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