Claro offers a complete range of biogas storage, gas liquification, & digester cover technologies including:

Double Membrane Gas Holders
  • Selected features: ultra durable construction; designed to suit a wide range of applications; free-standing or installed on top of steel & concrete storage tanks; various combinations of gas pressures, storage volumes & gas production rates; used for sewage, wastewater treatment, industrial effluent, or biogas plants. Can accommodate mixers & convert existing tanks or replace other roof systems.
Digester, Digester Gas Holder, & Other Tank Covers
  • Mild steel & stainless steel digester covers.
  • Fixed, single, & dual-deck covers.
  • Low-pressure gas holders.
  • Floating dual-deck covers.
  • Vertical- & spiral-guided gas holders.
  • Circular & rectangular tank covers for a variety of process tanks including:
    • Aluminum channel covers.
    • Aluminum dome covers.
    • Aluminum flat covers (extruded).
    • Aluminum flat covers (formed).
    • Aluminum launder covers.
    • Aluminum low profile covers.
    • Arched buildings.
    • Fiberglass dome covers.
    • Fiberglass rotor covers.

Biogas Holder – Self-Standing & Tank Roof Mount

Digester Tanks/Covers

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