Project 1: At a major metropolitan facility, Claro supplied complete Big Bubble™ mixer systems for two (2) new x 110 dia. digester tanks; a complete system for two (2) existing digester tanks; and retrofitted existing Cannon-type piston-bubble mixers in two (2) remaining digester tanks. An innovative foam-control system was also implemented. All of these process tanks were provided with new Claro ModuTube™ modular sludge heat exchangers designed to match existing & new footprints, the preferred number of sludge circuits & the available or proposed hydronic system.

33.5 (110 ft) dia. Digester Equipped with Claro Big Bubble™ Mixers

Two (2) x 33.5 (110 ft) dia. Big Bubble™ Mixer Digesters Under Construction

Project 2: At two major metropolitan facilities, Claro provided complete Big Bubble™ mixer systems for four (4) existing x 110 ft. dia. digester tanks & retrofitted the Cannon-type mixers in seven (7) additional digesters. Claro was solely-specified with a view to maximizing the production of biogas for a co-generation facility.

Big Bubble Mixers in 33.5 m (110 ft) Dia. Digester Tank (During Installation)

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