Claro aerated grit extraction spiral systems fully-automate the extraction of grit slurry from municipal aerated grit settling tanks. Consisting of a special alloy shaftless spiral positioned at the base of the tank, a trough, special low-friction liners, a proprietary liquid seal, a gear drive, & submersible electronic motion sensors, our grit extraction system is a very reliable, fully-automated, and odor-controlled grit extraction technology. Typically no in-tank maintenance attention for a minimum of 10+ years.

A simple, proven surface grease & scum collection system is also available as an option. Cost-effective retrofit of your clamshell bucket type aerated grit chamber & of traveling bridge systems. Experience with 50+ installations. 30+ years experience in the design & manufacture of demanding shaftless spiral conveyor applications including grit removal systems.

Aerated Grit Tank Extraction Spiral System (Dry Gallery)

Aerated Grit Tank Extraction Spiral System (Tank Config.)

Aerated Grit Tank Extraction Spiral System with Inclined Extraction Conveyor)

Retrofitted Aerated Grit Tank with Odour-Control Covers

Aerated Grit Tank Extraction Conveyor Discharge
Design features & advantages
  • New installations & cost-effective retrofit of clamshell bucket type aerated grit chambers & traveling bridge aerated grit tank systems.
  • fully-automated—no operator assistance required.
  • Typically requires no in-tank maintenance for over ten years.
  • Special low-friction liners with a life-span of over 10 years—some over 15 years.
  • Claro AccuSeal permits work on gear drive packing without drainage of grit tank.
  • Special alloy grit collection spiral for tanks up to 45+ m. (147+ ft.) long.
  • Claro submersible motion detectors monitor operation of submerged grit extraction spiral.
  • Hygienic & 4-season operation—tanks can also be equipped with covers and/or enclosed in grit building.
  • Reliable approach to perfect drive/spiral alignment installation.
  • Complete systems including optional heavy-duty grit slurry pumps, external/submersible gear drive options, &/or vertical/inclined conveyors.
  • Surface grease & scum collection systems also available as an option.
  • Complete systems for sole-supplier responsibility.

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